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Spanish Courses in Winnipeg
- All levels
- Small groups
- Private classes
- Conversation
- Business Spanish

Spanish Translation in Winnipeg
- Legal and technical translations
- Certified translations
- Interpretation
- Professional and certified Spanish    translators

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“The most interesting and inspiring Spanish courses in Winnipeg”
“An outstanding educator”
“Excellent organization”
“Teaching of the highest quality”
“The best solution for any Winnipegger looking to study Spanish”

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     to the Spanish Institute

The Spanish Institute assists individuals and businesses with Spanish courses, translations, interpretation and consultancy. More than 5,000 students, governmental agencies, corporations, businesses and private individuals have benefited from its Spanish-language courses and services. It also promotes the Spanish language and culture through cultural events and other initiatives.
Prof. Jesús Miguel-García

“The leading Spanish-language specialist in this province” -- Hon. Heather Stefanson, M.L.A. Tuxedo

MTS Pioneer Business Award
Star of the City Hospitality Award
Excellence in Teaching Award, nomination
“Teaching of the highest quality”
“The most interesting and inspiring Spanish courses that I have ever attended”
“Professional translation service. Your translation was the best” (Associate Dean’s Office, University of Manitoba).